What Is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine - Rising Phoenix

At Rising Phoenix, integrative medicine is a serious and creative endeavor.  We work with you to rekindle your health and joy at the deepest possible level.  Integrative Medicine in this context goes to the roots of imbalance or ill health in the individual — in you.  From these roots grow the branches that direct your practitioner towards different disciplines or approaches.

At Rising Phoenix, we have a wide spectrum of diagnostic frameworks: Western medicine, Asian medicine, functional medicine and many other mind/body/spirit approaches.  When taken together, these approaches deepen our capacity to address illness and other factors limiting your health and joy.

Rising Phoenix clinicians work with each other to find unifying diagnoses that help connect multiple and seemingly disparate symptoms.  Your individual clinician’s ability to consult with other clinicians from different disciplines, including scheduling team appointments with two or more clinicians, allows for the most flexible and customized care available to maximize your health and joy.