Lyme Borreliosis and Tick Borne Illnesses: Diagnostics, Emerging Pathogens and Avenues for New Research Symposium


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Days:  Saturday, November 8 – Sunday, November 9, 2014
Location:  Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
– General Admission:  $300
– Allied Health Professionals:  $150
– Residents/Fellows: Free
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Christine Green, MDSymposium Description:
This live symposium will look at new and old laboratory techniques and how these techniques can be better applied to diagnostics of lyme borreliosis and tick borne illnesses.

Dr. Christine Green will  co-lead a panel designed for clinicians to give feedback to the developers about how their tests will help us diagnose our patients.

Symposium Details:
This live symposium will include presentations from leading investigators on Lyme disease and tick borne infections emphasizing our current understanding and avenues for new research. The conference will be a valuable continuing educational experience for internists, pediatricians, infectious disease specialists and pathologists. The conference will have six sessions:

1. Plenary overview lectures on Lyme disease in the northeast, across America and Europe.
2. Overview of the Lyme spirochete including phylogeny, molecular and cell surface protein biology
3. Co-infections with Lyme diseaseMassachusetts General Hospital
4. Host pathogen interactions in Lyme disease
5. Diagnostic testing: current and future status
6. Special topics in tick borne infections