Runners and Lyme Disease

Christine Green, MD’s Commentary –
Christine Green, MDI am an outdoor runner and want us all to continue to enjoy running.  You can enjoy the outdoors, but be vigilant.  You can run but not hide from ticks!



Runner's WorldRunners and Lyme Disease:  Many of its early symptoms mimic overtraining, and mistaking it for something else may enable a tiny pest to become your worst nightmare.
By Gretchen Voss
Published on June 19, 2014 by Runner’s World

The pain, like a screwdriver twisting hotly through her knee, was excruciating. And the swelling, well, you could see it ballooning through her pants.

Angela Coulombe, 42, had just run the 2007 Beach to Beacon–a 10-K along the picturesque coast of her hometown, Portland, Maine. She thought she had simply reignited an old injury (she had knee surgery back in high school). So she did what any athlete would do: rested, iced, and popped ibuprofen for a week. When that didn’t help, she headed to the physical therapist. An MRI revealed nothing beyond unspecified knee inflammation. She began physical therapy, but a month in, the pain and swelling only worsened.

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