Rosen Method Bodywork as a Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Melissa Congdon’s, MD’s Commentary –

Melissa Congdon, MDLittle did I know how profound a Rosen Method Bodywork Session with Theresa Garcia would be–after all it just felt like a very gentle massage session. But in the hours following I felt exactly like I do after an acupuncture session–like my body (and mind) were being reorganized. I felt tired and spacey in the hours after the session, but the next day I felt so wonderful. I was relaxed, my mind was clear, my muscles were less tense, and I had great energy. So what had happened during my Rosen session?  Read more…

Rosen Method Bodywork as a Treatment for Fibromyalgia
Published: November 9, 2015 by Dr. Melissa Congdon on her website.

Video Available – Dr. Melissa Congdon at the Hawaii Fibromyalgia Summit

Melissa Congdon’s, MD’s Commentary –

Melissa Congdon, MDFibromyalgia is a common disorder misunderstood by many in the medical community. Speaking at the Hawaii Fibromyalgia Summit allowed me to summarize what I have learned about fibromyalgia as a fellow sufferer and a doctor who has treated hundreds with the syndrome. There are many studies indicating that people with fibromyalgia have unique biochemical profiles, and many helpful treatments available. My goal is to help people with fibromyalgia understand more about the syndrome, and show them the many options in the healthy “tool box” for decreasing symptoms and returning to good health.

Video Available – Dr. Melissa Congdon at the Hawaii Fibromyalgia Summit

Hawaii Fibromyalgia SummitOn June 20, 2015 hundreds gathered on Oahu to learn more about fibromyalgia and how the guaifenesin protocol can help reverse their symptoms and return them to good health.

Fibromyalgia sufferers Dr. Melissa Congdon and Kyle Bischoff appeared on KITV news to promote the Summit. Watch a replay of the broadcast.

Olelo community broadcasting has session replays available for viewing.

Part 1 includes:

  • Dr. Congdon’s personal fibromyalgia story
  • Facts about fibromyalgia
  • Dr St. Amand:
    • how fibromyalgia can be accurately diagnosed by physical exam (nodules NOT tender points)
    • his phosphate theory and the guaifenesin protocol
  • The evidence that fibromyalgia is a real syndrome
  • Pediatric fibromyalgia
  • How Dr. Congdon knows guaifenesin works
  • Why it is so important to treat carbohydrate intolerance
  • Helpful tips on how to make good progress on the guaifenesin protocol

Part 2 includes:

  • Fibrorap
  • Dr. Congdon’s question and answer session
  • Personal testimonials of recovery on the guaifenesin protocol
  • TV clip of Annette Kam discussing her dramatic recovery (There is no cure for fibromyalgia, but until there is a cure—there is guaifenesin)

Thank you so much to Annette Kam and all the members of iFoG for making the Fibromyalgia Summit possible!

Dr. Melissa Congdon on KITV4 Morning News

KITVDr. Melissa Congdon will be interviewed on KITV4 Morning News in Hawaii on Friday, June 19 at 5:50am.  On demand may be available.  She will discuss fibromyalgia, the guaifenesin protocol, and the upcoming Fibromyalgia Summit.

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Dr. Melissa Congdon Joins the Rising Phoenix Integrative Medicine Team

Melissa Congdon, MDYou may have noticed Dr. Melissa Congdon at Rising Phoenix Integrative Medicine Center for the last several months. We may be delinquent in posting the announcement, but we are thrilled to have such a dedicated professional on our team.

Melissa Congdon, MD, FAAP, is a Fibromyalgia Specialist and a Pediatric Consultant. She has been trained by Dr. Paul St. Amand, the founder of the Guaifenesin Protocol for Fibromyalgia, and today has a flourishing practice that focuses on the protocol in adults and children as well as pediatric consultations focusing on developmental and behavioral issues.

Inspired by her fibromyalgia patients, Dr. Congdon produced a 30 minute documentary “Fibromyalgia: Getting Our Lives Back—Success Stories on the Guaifenesin Protocol” which she has made available for free online for everyone to learn more about fibromyalgia and this treatment option:

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