For Health Practitioners

Health PractitionersWhether you are a physician, nurse, chiropractor, psychotherapist, nutritionist, or massage therapist, your patients can benefit from the concurrent use of your work and services provided at Rising Phoenix Integrative Medicine Center.  It has been shown time and again that the synergistic effect of applying multiple conventional and/or non-conventional therapies greatly improves patient outcomes. 

Many times, our healing methods may help to deepen the work you do by:

  • Addressing root causes of imbalance within the body which may be contributing to or aggravating your patient’s condition
  • Alleviating side effects of medications
  • Improving recovery time from surgery by helping to prepare a patient’s emotional and physical well-being before and after many procedures.
  • Providing education on how to obtain and maintain a healthy body which may include lifestyle choices

Our expert staff is available for practitioner consultations and presentations.