All of our clinicians manage their own appointment schedule and have their own insurance and payment policies.  See Clinicians’ individual pages for each clinician’s policies.


Some clinicians offer an opportunity for you to make the appointment online.  Others prefer a phone call.  To make an appointment, simply click on the Schedule An Appointment Button or call the phone number of the clinician you wish to reach.  An Administrator is on site to respond to office calls on Monday – Thursday.  Please check back as needed.  Other contact means are available on our Contact page.



Helen Ye, MS, LAc 415.795.1202
Ingrid A. Foster, RMT, SMT, ATP 415.795.1202
Melissa Congdon, MD, FAAP Monday – Thursday: 415-795-1202 or
Fridays 415-927-0600
Leave an email message by clicking on the “Contact” icon on the top right corner
Michael F. Cantwell, MD, MPH 415.795.1202

Online scheduling with Dr. Michael CantwellNew Patients: Please call our office at
415.795.1202 for an appointment.

Rachel M. Hamel, DC 415.795.1202
Theresa Y. Garcia, CMT 415.795.1202



Although our clinicians do not accept insurance, some insurance companies provide reimbursements.  Please check with your insurance company regarding their coverage and reimbursements policies. See individual Clinicians’ pages for more details.


Full payments are expected at the time of service.  See individual Clinicians’ pages for the accepted methods of payment.

If you have a HSA (Healthcare Savings Account), please check with your HSA vendor prior to your appointment for coverage inquiries.